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At Exterior Protective Coatings, our specialty is helping to preserve your investment in your home or business. Toward this end, we offer three essential services: asphalt driveway sealcoating, exterior painting, and exterior pressure washing. Offering both aesthetic and protective advantages, asphalt sealcoating is a smart investment, one that provides both immediate and long-term benefits.

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Exterior Protective Coatings - attention to detail

At Exterior Protective Coatings, our specialty is helping to preserve your investment in your home or business. Toward this end, we offer three essential services: asphalt driveway sealcoating, exterior painting, and exterior pressure washing. Offering both aesthetic and protective advantages, asphalt sealcoating is a smart investment, one that provides both immediate and long-term benefits. Let us come out and walk you through the best solutions for your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, or sports court. It may need to be completely redone or involve something simple as a repair, resurfacing or seal coating. Telltale signs might be a volume of cracks, ruts, or dips in the driveway, all signs of an failure in the base layer.

Seal Coating

A fast, affordable way to restore damaged asphalt to good condition and protect it from future wear. Asphalt is made from rock, oil, and sand. Over time, the oil dries out, leading to cracks and potholes. A seal coat is a layer of liquid asphalt that is applied over the old asphalt in order to provide a bond and restore the oil content. Regular seal coating can save you a fortune on repaving costs. Whether you are looking to extend the life of your newly paved surface, or seeking to refresh and protect older pavement, sealcoating is your solution.

Pressure Washing

Your home’s vinyl siding or roof is also a smart investment, as long as it is done by a competent and skilled contractor. As time passes, debris, algae, mold, lichen and mildew slowly build up on your roof and cause discoloration. The reasons for pressure washing go well beyond aesthetics. If left unchecked, an asphalt shingle roof in particular will be damaged and require premature replacement. Beyond the roofing material itself, algae and mold infestations can spread from your roof into your attic, and an accumulation of materials can also attract insects and small rodents, providing them with a gateway into your home through the deteriorating shingles.

Exterior Painting

When it comes to exterior painting, everyone knows that a fresh look increases the value of nearly any residential or commercial property. Professional painting also helps to preserve and increase the longevity of the wood or other construction materials. A change of color may also brighten your days in otherwise depressing times.


Your driveway will provide years of lasting service and an excellent return on the investment.

Parking Lots

We will work with you to develop a timely schedule so you can operate efficiently and without interruption.


We deliver high quality workmanship with very low impact to residents and motorists.

Asphalt Repair

We are willing and able to set up an asphalt maintenance program to help meet the ongoing the needs of your property.

Seal Coating

This is a preventative maintenance process that should be applied before damaging elements are allowed a chance to affect your pavement.

Pressure Washing

Your home’s vinyl siding or roof is also a smart investment, as long as it is done by a competent and skilled contractor.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards, or gutter covers depending on who you talk to, are surprisingly effective at keeping gutters and downspouts free and clear of debris.

Roof Coating

Roof coatings can help protect your roof from severe weather, especially hail. Hailstones can cause extreme damage to your roof, but roof coatings add an additional layer of protection.


Below are examples of some of our recently completed work.


Our service area includes the cities and towns of Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area to the North, King of Prussia to the East,
Hershey and Harrisburg to the West, and Lancaster, York and Gettysburg to the South.


Exterior Protective Coatings is prepared to provide a very competitive quote on your upcoming commercial or residential Sealcoating, Pressure Washing, and Exterior Painting projects. Please complete the following form for our immediate attention and to schedule an on-site visit so that we fully understand the scope of your needs. We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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